01. You don't have to [yell]; I can hear you just fine.
02. Grandpa's hearing is going, so you'll have to [yell].
03. The boys were [yelling] and running around late last night, and they woke the neighbors.
04. I'm sorry for [yelling] at you, but I was afraid you were going to run right out into the street.
05. The teacher [yelled] at the little girl for being late, and made her cry.
06. The boy let out a [yell] when the dog jumped up on him.
07. The fireman [yelled] at the boys to keep away from the smoking building.
08. Don't [yell] at the children; it scares them.
09. The parents were [yelling] encouragement at the children all through the game.
10. "Hello!" he [yelled], but no one answered.
11. I [yelled] at the bus driver to wait as I was running but he didn't hear me.
12. The angry parents [yelled] at the referee to stop the fight.
13. We could hear people in the burning building screaming in fright and [yelling] for help.
14. Judy Blume once said, "My only advice is to stay aware, listen carefully, and [yell] for help if you need it."
15. A Russian proverb notes that the newborn baby [yells], but we die in silence.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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